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Miss Hansen Interview

If you were not currently teaching, what would you be doing?

I would probably be trying to start my own cooking show. I think that it's really fun to cook in the kitchen and, I don't know, I feel like I have the personality to be a TV show personality and have my own cooking show on Food Network. I love cooking, it's a lot of fun. I usually follow recipes but what's more fun is if you just think of something and create it yourself.

What aspect of Live Oak High School are you looking forward to the most?

The tight-knit community. I love that you all basically know each other already and as a teacher, it was weird, the first day everyone was talking in class. I wasn't used to that, but I I've realized that no one's going to hold back. They all know each other, they've grown up together.

What made you decide that you wanted to work at Live Oak?

I think it was the quality of people that interviewed me. For sure. When I walked in there I saw 6 people and I was really intimidated the right off the bat, but with Mr.  Walton and Mrs. Gibbs it's so welcoming. Once I left the interview, I thought "I want to be part of that team and I want to work with that."

 What word describes you best?

 Sassy. I can be really sweet, but I can also be really sassy.

 Do you have any unique hobbies?

I love lifting weights, I've done one competition so far and we placed second. But for me I think that it's unique as a female to be into lifting and getting stoked about getting a PR on my back squat and things like that.

What kind of student were you in high school?

An angel.

So you weren't in like a clique or anything?

No, but I have the same friends from high school to this day. There were three of my friends and we were our own little world and hang out to this day. I did get in trouble sometimes, but it's mainly just for laughing. I'm hilarious.

Did you do any sports?

Not in High School. I did a thing called Academic Decathlon though, it's like 10 subjects that you have to study for like 5 months for it. Then you go to this huge event and it's just testing. It was fun.

Is there anything you want Live Oak to know about you?

My main priority with my students is to build a strong connection So, I want my students to know, and honestly any student on campus, that I'm really down-to-earth and want to help you with anything that you're going through. Stop into my room and introduce yourself. I'm super friendly and that connection that we build is what we will remember.

 What is your biggest pet peeve?

For the classroom, it would be clicking pens. For whatever reason I get so sidetracked that I can't focus. I know they're not doing it to annoy me, but I still lose it. For outside the classroom, probably negativity. So, things are going to be hard, and we all know people who hate doing work. I'm just like we have to do this so let's do it. Stay positive.

What college did you go to?

Chico State.




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